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When you discover you are pregnant you will feel joyful and your natural instinct will be to protect your unborn child. If this is your first pregnancy, you may even get a lot of warranted and unwarranted advice from friends and family, which may overwhelm you. They mean well but whom do you listen to and how do you know what advice to follow? Espe
It’s a fact, you cannot do much about your genetics but you can make some healthy lifestyle choices which will influence the longevity of your life and reduce your risk of getting sick. There are seven important lifestyle factors which will have a positive impact on your health and therefore increase your chances of living to a ripe old age. The se
After the birth of a baby, many mothers experience the ‘baby blues’, a short period of feeling sad or tearful, which can be triggered by hormonal changes after giving birth. Sleep deprivation and anxiety, especially in first time mothers, may add to these feelings. It is a conflicting time; joy, excitement, anxiety and fear. Add to that the baby bl
Cancer seems to be such a dreaded disease that we don't even like to hear the word. So we usually don't think about it and hope it doesn't happen to us. Like anything, though, the more we understand about cancer, the less scary it becomes – and the more we realise how much we can actually do to lower the risk and possibly even cure it. So let's tak
The Festive Season is over and you may feel your waistline is as well. All is not lost however. In fact, now that we are at the beginning of the year, it is a good time to begin a new diet. By ‘diet’, we mean a healthy lifestyle eating plan. You may have tried one of the numerous crash diets that are popular. Cabbage soup anyone? Do crash diets wor
Food habits start from early childhood. If you feed your baby, toddler or child sugary drinks, crisps and sweets they will be eating and drinking them as adults. If you keep their diet free of junk food and only give them healthy food as babies you will be setting them up for a healthy life right from the start. But, what should you feed your child