7 Surefire Ways Men Can Prevent Common Health Problems

7 Surefire Ways Men Can Prevent Common Health Problems

Men’s Health Month is in June. The fact that there is awareness around men’s health must mean it is an issue.

Did you know? In South Africa TB affects significantly more men than women. There are over 9-million new cases a year and at least 1.5-million people die from the disease. It is now the world's leading cause of death even over AIDS.

To prevent getting any illness men should stick to these 7 health practices:

1. Get Checked

You should get a full physical check-up every 2 years for early detection of health problems. The 6 most important things to be tested for are:

Diabetes – If you are overweight by 10 to 15kgs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases – If your lifestyle puts you at risk

Cholesterol – High cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease

Blood pressure – If it’s too high you’re at high risk of having a stroke

Prostate cancer – It can be successfully treated if caught early

TB – A common disease in South Africa

2. Don't Smoke

Did you know that smokers are 20 times more likely to get a lung disease than non-smokers? There is conclusive evidence that smoking causes heart disease, cancer and stroke. If you are struggling to quit, ask your doctor for help.

3. Limit Alcohol

It’s okay to drink alcohol but do it in moderation. A rule of thumb is 2 drinks a day for men 65 years or younger and 1 drink a day for men over the age of 65. Drinking too much alcohol can increase your chances of getting liver cancer as well as pushing your blood pressure up. Plus, there’s the risk of becoming addicted to alcohol.

4. Eat Well

Eating a nutritious diet is important if you want to remain healthy. Choose vegetables, fruits, whole grains, high-fibre foods and lean sources of protein, such as fish and chicken. Limit foods high in saturated fat (like margarine) and sodium (salt).

5. Keep A Healthy Weight

When men gain weight they generally do it around their torso. Heard the term “beer belly”? This is fat which is stored in and around the belly. It can be dangerous and ultimately lead to heart diseases and heart attacks. Losing the excess kilos and keeping them off lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer and Type-2 diabetes.

6. Do Away With Stress

Learn to manage your stress levels. Too much stress can lower your immunity system and make you sick. It can also play havoc with your sleep, and too little sleep can make you tired and depressed, therefore affecting your mental health.

7. Get Active

Find a form of exercise that suits your lifestyle. It’s important to chose something you can enjoy. If you like doing it, there is a very good chance you will continue doing it and get better at it. Exercise helps keep you healthy and well in so many ways, such as:

a. Makes you fit and strong

b. Provides oxygen and nutrients to your body making your cardiovascular system more efficient

c. Gives you more energy

d. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

e. Improves your mood

f. Helps you sleep well

g. Improves your skin

h. Lowers your risk of getting cancer and diabetes

Most importantly, don't wait until something is seriously wrong before visiting a doctor. Medical check-ups will not only help in preventing health problems, they may even save your life.

Follow doctor's orders if you have any health-related issues, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. Find out from your doctor when you should have cancer screenings and other health checks.

Lenmed offers highly qualified doctors who are fully equipped to give you a full health assessment. Find a doctor in your area easily on our website.

Disclaimer: Any information contained here is merely a guideline. Always visit your healthcare practitioner for any health-related advice or diagnosis.

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