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On June 25th we celebrate World Vitiligo Day to raise awareness about this skin disorder, its causes and treatment. Vitiligo is a disorder which presents as light patches on the skin. They appear when melanocytes within the skin begin to die off, which means the skin essentially loses its colour. Melanocytes are the cells which produce the skin pig
Filled with hormones and the typical anxieties that come with being pubescent, young people are more susceptible to drugs. They can be well into their 20s, with even pre-teens being affected by the scourge of poisons from tik and nyaope to cocaine and heroin. Even marijuana, though now somewhat legalised by the Constitutional Court, can lead youngs
Malaria is a life-threatening sickness caused by parasites. They are transmitted to people when bitten and infected by a female Anopheles mosquito. Fortunately, the disease can be prevented and is curable. In this article, we will look at ways to prevent being bitten and contracting malaria. We will also look at the symptoms of the disease and how
Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease which is mostly known to affect the lungs. However, it can also take its toll on other parts of the body such as the spine, brain or kidneys. Not everyone who is infected gets sick – this is called latent TB - but you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately if you begin to show the followin
Men often neglect their health because they are “too busy” or “strong and healthy enough”. They also sacrifice their own health to ensure their spouses and children are cared for. Remember, however, that your wife and children will be far worse off if you are no longer here to take care of them. This month is Men’s Health Month. So, let’s take a lo
Did you know? Every human has almost 5 litres of blood coursing through their bodies. It forms 7% of a human’s weight. Almost all our vital organs can be kept going with special machines, except for our blood. There is no machine in the world that can make blood and this makes it extremely valuable. It is why the drive to get people to donate blood