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Depending on how exotic your tastes are, or if you have dogs who like bones from the butcher, you might know what bone marrow is. It’s the soft centre on the inside of an animal bone that is exposed when the bone has been sawed into pieces. We have it in some of our bones too, and it’s absolutely essential for our lives. This spongy tissu
As it’s Women’s Month in August, we thought we’d have a little fun and spice things up by creating an acronym that you can use to super-charge your month as a fabulous South African woman. It’s called WOW BOD – and it is the 6 most common health risks for women that you need to be aware of, to create a healthy body that is wow! Here they
August is National Women’s Month and Child Health Month. Mothers are important role models for their daughters. Showing them how to be healthy and create healthy lives for themselves as they grow into young women is the most vital gift a mom can pass on to her girl child. Here are 7 ways mothers can lead the way with health: 1. Go see you
August celebrates Child Health Month. Children learn most from their greatest teachers: their parents. If you want your young ones to grow up smart, strong and healthy, then lead them in these 4 areas of life, and you’ll be off to a great start: 1. Combine vegetables and fruit with Maths Here’s a nifty idea that combos 3 things that child
As a parent, especially if you are a new parent, every sniffle, cough or bout of tears strikes dread in your heart and, depending on whether it’s day or night, you find yourself calling the doctor or bundling your child up in a blanket and rushing to the nearest hospital. And while it is better to be safe than sorry, here are some tips on
July is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is also the month when we commemorate Nelson Mandela Day and give 67 minutes of our time. This article highlights the benefits of maintaining a positive outlook in the face of adversity, as we learned from Madiba himself. Could you imagine being locked up in the prime of your life, when you are ju